Melodies and Rainbows

Hearts are fragile. Hearts are strong. They are tested with life's heaviest burdens & are broken over & over again. Yet, we are still so resilient. We are still so rebellious to pain. We overcome life's curveballs and jump through its flaming hoops. There is no doubt that Jessica & Joseph have had their hard times, & the reward from life.... is life itself. 

"February 25, 2015 I learned my baby had no heartbeat, and that my body had begun the miscarriage. I had a car accident in January were that impact made the baby partially disconnect from the placenta and the baby stopped developing. My body didn't reject it until a month later. I began to bleed and Joseph rushed me to the ER where they gave us the news. My heart just stopped. We were so excited to learn that we were having a baby, but that moment felt as if someone had just knocked the air out of me and I just couldn't take a breath. It took a couple of days for the baby to pass and when it did, I didn't even know how to react. I was so depressed for months. I cried when I heard babies cry, avoided family baby events such as baby showers & birthdays, but having Joseph and our amazing family's support helped me overcome that immense sadness I felt."

It was an all too familiar experience that we had also experienced but on a minor level. We too lost our first baby. We weren't as far along, but we had already built a bond with the idea of becoming parents for the first time. We had already thought of names for a boy or girl, & we had already decided on what kind of bedroom color, theme, & furniture we had wanted. We hadn't the slightest doubt in our minds that our child wouldn't make it. But soon after, just like with Jessica & Joseph, we had an unexpected surprise!


"January 1, 2018 we learned we were having a baby. I had been very sick during Christmas time, which I had thought at the time was just a stomach flu, but those symptoms went on to continue thru new years eve. We got home around 2am new years eve after celebrating with family, and I decided to take a home pregnancy test, I was a day late and thought maybe I could be. I took the test, as Joseph stood by my side, it was positive. I took another one and it was positive again. I looked at Joseph, and he smiled while I just cried and cried. I had never felt so happy, and so scared at the same time. Joseph just hugged me and told me he loved me so much, I didn't have to tell him anything, he just knew how I felt. The baby was not planned, and after the miscarriage we just never talked about when we would try to have another baby, it was a sensitive topic for me because of the depression I went thru, so we left it in Gods hands to decide when our time was right, and we learned that night that we had begun a new year with a new addition to our lives. The news didn't really hit us until we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time, I was 8 weeks pregnant then, and we were just completely overjoyed, our baby had a strong heart beat, and everything looked okay. Such a blessing to our lives. We cant wait to meet her. Our Melody Rose, due date September 10, 2018."