I'm A Real Boy


A self journey at that. Trying to find or express yourself in the way that is most compatible & suitable to what you feel as an individual. Whether it’s that career choice, or degree, or finding a soulmate that is everything you could ever hope for; journey’s are everywhere, & seem to be unending.

My wife had already been friends with Gee from her high school days, but I met Gee when my wife & I were dating in college. I hadn't been exposed to a lot of the progressive movements that had been happening, so Gee was one of the first to show me what was going on in his world. Without judgement, I became more and more educated on the LGBTQ+ community & adopted & accepted all that he brought to our friendship. My then girlfriend & I decided to get married, & during the planning of our marriage, we found out we were expecting a little girl. The surprise pushed our decided wedding date further out but once she decided to arrive, Gee & his wife took our daughter in as their adopted niece. They played a huge role in her growth and development. During our journey as almost family, Gee went through a separation with his then wife, & it really took a toll on him. He had finally come to the decision that this separation only meant he had to focus more on himself & becoming the person he desired to be. He had been dancing around with the idea of finally coming out to his friends & family & transitioning. He asked us to document his journey & we absolutely obliged. There's no doubt that this guy, one of the most chill & easy going people you will ever meet, is going to reach his goals in life. It has inspired us to become more focused on what ever it is in life that we want to achieve.