$100 Elopement. Fail? Or Win?

It’s crazy to think we are taking the leap this year into weddings, when actually, our first paid shoot from almost 3 years ago was an elopement wedding! 

New portrait lens, who dis?

Yea we were feeling ourselves that day because someone actually gave us an opportunity to shoot the most important day of their lives (probably aside from their kids being born) and we jumped on it! When was the last time you hired someone to do a job with a blindfold? Sandra Bullock barely made it with hers! 

The location was PERFECT. In the mountains, beautiful trees, overlooking the city, flowing wind, autumn colored leaves gracing the pathway to their makeshift wedding alter.... *sigh* dreamy.

If you’ve never seen an elopement style wedding in the mountains, with the beautiful icecapped mountain tops, the brides with their veil flowing freely in the air, you’re missing out. But you’re also missing out if you think that we as beginners were going to capture any such things.


We. Knew. Nothing.  

We knew nothing about our gear!

We didn’t know how to lock focus, expose properly, use the light and shade to our advantage. We didn’t know posing, we didn’t know angles, we didn’t know that this day would be the start of something amazing!  

Looking back, we felt we were doing so good! Now, we realize we didn’t exactly nail it.  

However, we’ll never forget how, even though we explained that we were new to all of this, they STILL gave us a shot, they still gave us so much decision power and control over how things went. Where they would stand, where she would come down “the isle”. We were in there shooting up a storm...most of those photos went to the trash bin because they were terrible but, we did it! They loved it! They paid us! Then, a little something came from that that was even better, they referred us!

Why is that so important?  

That $100 evolved.

It paid us over and over and over again. Word of mouth became our bread and butter. We had our ups and downs through it all.

Life still came at us at full speed.

No children? Surprise! Also, spend money you don’t have on a wedding/baby shower combo. Also, your car is breaking down, and one of you is going to lose their job. 

Life didn’t just give us lemons, it put them in a potato bazooka and launched them at us.  

In the end, someone, whatever their intentions were, with only $100 set us on our way to creating a business. We were not too proud to take it, and it was fortunately so.


Because it ended up being the best baby step we had ever taken.