A Dream Becoming Reality


To date, we have been shooting for almost 2 years. We know because it all started the day after our baby girl was born. We had a camera for a while but it was mostly just an expensive selfie-stick or "hey let's take a picture of this rock or flower" (see rock & flower below but please don't judge us harshly)


It wasn't until we ran into a college photography friend that took us under her wing as we were running around trying to date & finish our degrees. We decided that we wanted to have our friend take-

oh yea so we ran off & got engaged... Yayyy!

-take our engagement photos & it didn't go as planned because we hadn't planned on also having a baby on the way! WOOHOO! Hurray for life happenings!

So we postponed only to come to the decision that we had wanted maternity photos instead. That session was such an amazing experience that we wanted to get passionate about helping others feel what we felt. We wanted to be a part of the artistic community that captured special, timeless, & meaningful moments of people's lives. 

We worked as a team, shooting, creating, learning, & having fun! We had ups, & we had downs. We had nice shoots, and we have stuff that we look back on and will never show or speak of because those images should burn in a dumpster fire...

All of that to say that in February 2018, we laced up our boots and officially went into business as Auburn Blue Photography! We did so with hopes and intention of being a timekeeper of your greatest moments, forever and always.